Web Design is a strategic blend of creative design and graphic art, content planning and management, the right technology deployment– along with a robust server to host the website. An perfect blend of these could give you just the right platform for a successful online business presence. Your website is the face of your business. It needs to be more than just pretty; it needs to be an effective business tool, communicating who you are and what you do, while enticing visitors to engage with your products or services.

With more than 12 years` experience, we at Pixelweb understand the importance of having a company website, not only looking visually pleasing, but working for you, making sure clients can actually find you on search engines, else your website is basically useless. It`s like having an expensive office with no address - it looks good, but you`ll get no clients...

When we design you website our proccess is simple, yet effective:

Planning and strategy
Domain name registration - we do proper keyword research and advise you on the best domain name to choose - as this helps a great deal to get you onto search engines faster
Web hosting - R99 / month - unlimited webtraffic, and as many mailboxe as you want - no charge per mailbox like some companies!
Gathering all the information
Preparing a logo if necessary - cost from only R1900*
Producing mock-up designs - up to three different layouts for you to choose from before we start with your website
Site Optimization - we do all the basics from the start - insert keywords, metatags and all for your new site to be search engine friendly
Email facilities for your site - we setup all your mailboxes.
Search Engine optimization and submission - additional cost* and custom options like Google adverts, pay-per-click, social media integration, back-links and more...

Services - web hosting

More than 200 local companies trust Pixelweb for their daily hosting needs. We offer both local and international based hosting servers supporting MySQL and PHP. Both hosting providers adhere to the highest standards like data backups, online support, and 99.9% uptime, resulting in your website being taken care of by the best.

When we started with our hosting services we decided to cut out all the technical clutter and different hosting packages with 100`s of options....You won`t find a R10, R29, R49, R69, package with additional option A, C, E or whatever. No just ONE simple R99 /month with no restrictions, no add-ons; you have all the webspace needed for any size website within reasonable usage* (we don`t host storage type websites like upload.com or the likes), as many mailboxes as you want for your business, and unlimited web traffic to your site. And did I mention - NO CONTRACTS, you pay month-to-month, and can cancel at any time should you not be happy with our services.

If you currently pay more than R99/month you can transfer your domain to us at NO COST. FREE DOMAIN TRANSFER.

If you already have a website domain, why no consider registering some Industry Related Keyword Domains, and link them to your current website. This improves search engine ranking dramatically!